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Business Insights Web Portal

Supports servers: 

·            MS SSAS

·            Oracle 11g R2 via Simba provider

·            Pentaho Mondrian


MDX Designer


Integrated MDX designer allows user to use most of MS SSAS features almost without need for knowledge how to write MDX commands.


When we say integrated support we mean literally that with few clicks and without any clue how to write MDX command you can use most sophisticated MDX functions.


Integrated support for MDX functions where you can even define tuple inside for example TopCount function includes:


·           Best N - Equivalent to TopCount

·           Best in Sum - Equivalent to TopSum

·           Best in Percent - Equivalent to TopPercent

·           Worst N - Equivalent to BottomCount

·           Worst in Sum - Equivalent to BottomSun

·           Worst in Percent - Equivalent to BottomPercent

·           Order - Equivalent to Order

·           Order by Alphabet - Combination of Order function and order conditions

·           Order by Hierarchy - Equivalent to Hierachize

·           Filter - Equivalent to Filter

·           Remove member(s) - Combination of Filter (and NOT members …)

·           First N - Equivalent to Head

·           Last N - Equivalent to Tail

·           Without empties - Equivalent to NonEmpty

·           Show Visual Totals - Equivalent to VisualTotals

·           Parallel Time Members - Implementation of generate and ParallelPeriods

·           DrillDown Level - Implementations of Generate to select level

·           Contribution - Special syntax

·           For each from previous dimension - Equivalent to Generate

·           Without empties - Equivalent to NonEmpty



MDX Editor


Web portal is equipped with MDX Editor





Integrated dashboard with ability to use parameters per panel or linked parameters per entire dashboard


·            table view

·            graph view

·            map view


Each panel support all previously defined table operations. Table operations change MDX command but preserves original MDX context.

Dashboard supports creating of parameters per each panel as well as linked parameters as main set of parameters for entire dashboard.






Integrated query viewer with ability to use parameters

Supported views are:


·            table view

·            graph view

·            map view


Each query support all previously defined table operations. Table operations change MDX command but preserves original MDX context.


Query supports creating of parameters.



Supported CubePlayer objects


It supports objects from CubePlayer:

·            Dynamic Document with or without parameters

·            Dashboards with or without parameters

·            Static Reports

·            Usage of Master Catalog

·            Usage of Control Panels


MDX operations at the table:

·            DrillDown set (one level or jump to any level)

·            DrillDown member (one level or jump to any level)

·            DrillDown level (one level or jump to any level)

·            DrillUp set

·            DrillUp member

·            Push to filter

·            Show/hide NON EMPTY

·            Remove dimension/hierarchy

·            Remove member

·            Isolate member

·            Swap axes


Supports OLAP parameters.

Supports Export to MS Excel and PDF

Supports Member properties and CELL PROPERTIES

Supports Redo Undo operations

Supports Proclarity briefing books.


Table view supports:


·            Normal view

·            Sums for rows, or columns or rows and columns

·            Percentage in set

·            Percentage in series

·            Ranks

·            Difference

·            Min-Max view

·            Dissipation

·            Subtotals



Graph supports:


·            show graph for one measure

·            show graph for all measures

·            show graph for measure pair

·            show trends

·            show forecast




Corporate Edition has two license types:

  • 25 users license
  • 500 users license
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