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Today, very few vendors have managed to survive in highly demanding BI marketplace with a good product.
SoftPro Tetral has more than one to offer, and the number will be increasingly growing!

Tradition is important in every aspect of business. It shows experience and dedication to achieve some goal by adopting industry standards. By accumulating significant amount of knowledge over time a new, higher level of expertize is reached and built into new line of products.

We are on the front line of the global BI revolution since 1998. If nothing else, that should mean something!

Microsoft OLAP clients

OLAP has quickly become a dominant technology used in high-performance BI applications. We use probably the best existing OLAP server as our back-end, and build the most complex and powerfull general-purpose OLAP clients available today.



The Ultimate MDX Force

CubePlayer is capable of running ProClarity bbk files
Run Proclarity BBK

ProClarity is TradeMark of former ProClarity Corp. and Microsoft Corp.


CubePlayer is unique tool that helps you to learn and understand MDX. See how you can do it ...
Learn MDX


VS2010/2008 BIDS AddIn

This is CubePlayer MDX Engine specially created to be used inside BIDS.


... go to VS2010/2008 BIDS AddIn page ...


CubePlayer for MS SSAS 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 10.5

(SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008R2)

CubePlayer is unique tool that helps you to learn and understand MDX. See how you can do it ...
Learn MDX

New generation of advanced OLAP querying tool built on Microsoft.NET platform and support for the latest incarnation of Microsoft SQL/OLAP server.

SoftPro Manager (for SQL Server 2000 only)
Award winning high-end OLAP querying tool combining OLAP functionality with unique analytical capabilities and support for standard database reporting.

Just download and you will receive time unlimited, free of charge license.

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